Date: 7/27/2017

By theglassgirl17

(Labeling this as adult just in case) I was staring down at my dead body. Fear, rage and sadness flooding through me. I had been strangled with some sort of cord or wire, I could tell by the marks on my neck. My lips were blue, my eyes bloodshot, and my nose had blood dribbling out of it. Just briefly, I could see a man wearing a hat, then it was gone. I screamed. "W-Whyy-y-yyy!?" My voice came out extremely garbled. My sobs that followed sounded odd, almost mechanical... I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Don't cry, it's alright now." Looking up, I found myself staring at my reflection on a metal door... Except it wasn't me. I was looking at the face of a pink and white, broken animatronic fox. The Mangle. Behind me was a puppet, the Marionette, except he now wore a suit for some reason. "You are safe, no one can hurt you now... It's alright." I started laughing and crying all at once, now understanding why it sounded mechanical and garbled. After a moment, I heard the sound of police sirens approaching, and hid. There was the sound of radio interference, and then I woke up. ...Yeah weird dream.