Date: 1/11/2020

By Lottie

I went out to a coffee house at my high school, it was gonna be my last one. I found out when I was at the school, my city was supposed to have a massive rain storm, the worst one we've ever seem. Even after finding that out, the coffee house was still wonderful, we had participation things, which included two sing-alongs, and one competitive game of volleyball. One of my old friends was there, we were hanging out, her name was angel, she had her boyfriend and everything. Eventually my mom shows up to come and get me, because she was scared of the rainstorm. At that point Faith [my irl niece] and another bunch of singers started singing P!nk or Christina Aguilera, so my mom stayed to listen. My mom ends up on top of a little ledge that she jumps off, going many feet down (maybe 20ft or more), and, without injuring herself, going into a full sprint on all fours. So I'm sitting in my corner with Angel and suddenly one of the window panes on the sky roof breaks, and it rains glass and snow and rain on me. I start demanding me and angel go home before the storm gets any worse, but she doesn't want to go