Alien Invasion

Date: 3/18/2017

By laurensmith700

I was outside in the yard by the old farmhouse I grew up in with a bunch of random people and a few kids that I know in my life. I look over to the sky on my left and what I see is what looks like enormous rock slabs, as big as a cliff, slowly falling from the sky and than crashing into the earth, causing a ripple in the ground which moved towards us. I look up to my right and see a massive line of alien ships zooming in and immediately start shooting red alien like charges at us. We start running into the house (not everyone makes it) and down into the basement, closing the blinds on the way. Than we hear the aliens coming inside and I grab a homemade war scythe for defense. The first one to come down was a weakling. Barely knew how to fight back so I killed it. The next one I can't even describe. None of these actually looked like aliens. It was much bigger and it was more like a machine than anything. Once we hit it's weak spot it collapsed into this small object the size of your head. Than we finished it off. I remember we didn't end up closing all the blinds and this childlike vampire alien thing started crawling through the window while I tried to fend it off with my scythe. I eventually got it. I don't remember much after that except part of another dream I had later I was with my mom and we were driving while there was a tsunami happening near us and we literally drove through the wave and we were fine.