rape (obvious rape trigger)

Date: 3/7/2017

By maddieb

It was a casual day at school. I'm in my photography class alone and I'm seated in the corner of the class room on the mac. This is fairly regular and not of at all. The lock down alarm never sounds and a man with a gun comes In to the buliding and blocks it off. He first comes into the room I'm in and started talking shit. He takes notice to me and starts talking about how I'm such a good specimen and that he would love to see me naked before ripping apart my dress reveling my bra before taking that off as well followed by my underwear. He ties me up in front of the class and makes everyone look at me and admire me. I try to escape but I felt very very weak. Next door there where the year 12 students. He goes in there and grabs a boy and brings him over. He makes him touch me and he was touching him self. Then the cops come and they get taken away.