Zombie apocalyptic dream again.

Date: 6/7/2019

By saymastein

So there was this virus and it looked like we were in a place like the city in Bangladesh. We were on the road in like a 7 seater car driving through the road until we see people running for their lives. The driver raced through the road and it looked as though we were going to fall off to a lake but he was a decent driver so we didn't. We then feel a huge crash and looked at the window at the back to see people leaping on to of the car. They were all bloody and had already turned. We still raced through them. My mind then cut out to a passage way where the ground was like hard mud. It was an exodus and I especially remember seeing an old lady without a hand or arm. She looked helpless and it seemed she was about to turn. I then saw a young girl and one of the other people told me that she already turned and is in a state where she believes in a whimsical type of fantasy. I thought about whether just dying because then I could just be in a state like that, it wouldn't be so bad. I refused to believe in this though as I wanted to keep my emotions intact and continue to be a human. The old lady suddenly lashed out at us. I remember around 5 of us having swords and we were kind of fencing her. The old lady captured each of our swords and even stabbed this girl with it. I then was next, she snatched my sword away from me and tugged it into her hands which she then pushed it through me. I swerved and she did this quite a few times until I thought I was going to die and I think I did. The scene changed and I was trying to hide from the zombies. I thought of this place where no one will look. There was a tiny gap between the fridge where it would be really difficult for anyone to fit in. I pushed the fridge a little but it was a huge mistake. Zombies crashed through the top window, their eyes widened, hungry for a bite. I felt helpless and began scrambling backwards, trying to narrow the gap between me and the fridge so I could stop them moving but it didn't work. I looked at the ceiling wondering if I should just give up again but I did not. The zombies then bundled on top of me and that is the last thing I remember before waking up.