Wild West Anxiety

Date: 8/8/2017

By marigoldtears

Me and my mom and sister were running from my dad and we ran to a patch of land and decided to settle there and it was like a Wild West area. And then a scary cowboy came up and although he already had a gun he asked if we had one he could take and suddenly I had a rifle in my hands and I hid it behind me and I said he couldn't have it bc it wasn't loaded. There was an implication that once he had it he would kill us (not spoken but in the dream I just understood it to be true). He laughed in a weird way and took it from me anyway and started chasing me so I ran. We eventually rounded back to the plot of land and he was still chasing me. Now it was my sister's birthday for some reason and there was a banner up with her name and my extended fam was there to celebrate. Everyone was playing a twisted game where they punched her in the face for some reason?? And she started crying so we had to call her therapist to help her