Date: 3/14/2017

By cupid

well it began with finding mostly caravan posts full of people I know but it odd names. it was like a convention of some sort considering they all had name tags. there were a specific thing we needed to find at this place. I guess it was a game. I'm not sure. but there was a rock you had to find they led to a secret place with the press of a button. someone had found the special rock and I figures out how to find the button so I pressed it. it opened a door some some sort that kinda looked like a mirage. but I stepped inside and let me tell you. it was beautiful. for of lots of rooms and big white doors. I turned to the left hallway and found myself in a chapel of some sort. my boyfriend was at the alter praying and I walked in and started to look around and the railings above me to the left had stairs coming down from a little room. two men dressed like wise men stood at the top and a toddler. maybe 2 and a half slid his butt down the stairs to me. I started to cry with joy because the baby was so beautiful. he had big blue eyes and dark hair. he looked like my boyfriend and my dad when they were little. he ran straight into my arms. and I held him for the longest time it seemed but we left to go outside and I woke up.