sleep paralysis witch

Date: 8/9/2017

By Eazyetg

I don't scare easily but I have tears running down my face. I've never been so scared in my entire life. This was the first time I've experienced sleep paralysis so I'll skip the boring stuff and the stuff leading up to the encounter because frankly I can't put it into words all the creepy shit that happened before this. So I'm laying in a bed in a strange 18th century style house and suddenly realize I can't move next thing I know it's the cackling of a witch and her evil laugh. Before I know it I'm being held down by a witch but I can't see her yet... she's at the bottom of my bed still hidden but I'm paralyzed. Next thing I know she's laying next to me holding my arms and entire body at hostage whispering weird shit in my ear so I do what only makes sense and bite her fingers off which doesn't even seem to phase her she just laughs. Of course my subconscious decided the best course of action was to tell her I'd fuck her if she let me go. She then tells me some creepy shit about how earlier in the night/dream she was controlling me and my parents minds to work in her favor then a lot more unexplainable weird shit goes on that I can't even put into words it was so strange then I wake up instantly like a weight was lifted off my chest sweating. It's 4am and I'm terrified to go back to sleep.