Date: 7/27/2019

By beshrew

i had a dream that i had a HUGE pet slug. but it was like a flat slug, like a stingray. and i was scared of it so i would try and stay away and lock myself in a room. it was honestly so hard to go close and lock the door with the slug pushing against it. i could tell that i was hurting it bc it started bleeding BUT I DIDNT CARE! i also dreamt that i was on this treadmill but the treadmill was built on a curve and had multiple purposes. i tried to click one of the buttons and accidentally clicked the shower button and me and my cousin who was nearby got drenched. after that me and my cousin were hanging outside and around the back of a school and a cop drove by and saw us. he started coming after us so we started walking all around the school for a place to hide. i walked into one of the classes and a guy i use to have a crush on was in there lmfao. hey, eboy. after that i left and i had lost my cousin so i just kept walking around and then i end up in the auditorium. i saw my math teacher there, hey ms.ong. that’s really all i can remember. the school wasn’t my school tho btw i never dream abt my own school.