Triplets and sharks in the water

Date: 3/12/2017

By 347078

This dream has been recurring for my hole life so hold your horses. I'm walking in a cowboyish midwestern movie type of town when I walk into a bar type of area and three blond triplets girls(they always look 10ish)push me on to this yellow couch resembling one my mom used to own. (take note when I was younger I had this dream and my mom didn't get this couch until I was 10) the skinny triplets lock me on the bottom of the couch and pike up the couch with ease. Then proceed to put my toes in a puddle of tiny sharks as sharks do they nibble at my toes and I can feel each bit. Once my toes were off they through the couch into a much larger fish tank filled with normal sized sharks (which are pretty big) while I'm drowning they continue to tear off my limbs and I can still feel the pain. IM SO LUCKY THIS IS A REOCCURRING DREAM And man f*** those triplets