Taylor Concert

Date: 2/1/2019

By spokenpix21

Zach and I went to a Taylor Swift concert, the third time of that tour. It felt like it was Reputation but I’m not sure. The venue was in the hills of San Fran by UCSF hospital and we were in this dugout/pit area right at the stage. We were in there with a group of gay guys that was whipping their hair and hitting me and I remember being so annoyed that they had to act THAT gay because they were ruining my mood. Then they pulled out weed and all started smoking and hotboxing the pit and I got more annoyed and wanted to go to another spot. Also, we were still wearing our light up bracelets from the 2nd show we went to because it didn’t work at the second show. Then I realized it’s because we didn’t rip off the “safety” tag that prevents it from working.