bf visits, tropical town.

Date: 6/12/2017

By headFeed

my bf visits and he loses his wallet. at some point me him and my friend klara are laughing about klaras titties. robert (my bf) seems uncomfortable the whole time. we go out so i can surprise him on a trip but hes reluctant and wants to go home. he wasnt planning to stay for more than a day cause in my dream he lived nearby.. he lost his wallet when we humg out with a weird classmate of mine. so we go to find her the next day with my old enhlish teacher who never learned my name. we drove around trying to find the classmate and there were these small yellow houses. we go to the road with the huge houses and i see another classmate/friend julea in a house and waving at us. its like a roller coaster cause we pass and then i point at my bf sitting to the left of me and say THIS IS THE BF!! and she is super excited and happy for me. we go inside her house and its very nice. theres a new kitchen and dining and anothwr room that has a tatami floor. i say before leaving that my mom would love this house and this guy says wait till i see the bathtub. its a huge one and he shows how the water works, it starts coming out outside of the tub but once it warms up it goes inside. i leave and the van we were everyobe was waiting is gone. i run to the next road and i see the van backing out. my teacher rolls down the window and says she saw the classmate who stole my bfs wallet.