Mom Didn't Drink

Date: 1/22/2017

By johna808

Very odd dream of being in my Mom's house which was not like the house where she lived. It was the scene of what had been, by observation, a wild party. --- People were in sleepover repose throughout the place. --- I go into a kitchen to see a bunch of empty wine and liquor bottles, this never happened in our home. I feel like I need to cleaning up the place and start throwing out empty bottles but trying to decide which of the partly empty ones I could save. In honesty, a situation I've never encountered in my own life. Drinking is okay but I don't like the buzz. --- People began waking up and I didn't have trousers on, a common problem in some of my dreams but I managed to find a pair of jeans and got them on. Recall thinking I looked well in them, continued cleaning the house. Mom didn't drink. Neither did my Dad,