i don't know??

Date: 1/23/2017

By clausdieslucascries

i was riding a school bus at like 7 in the evening and i briefly checked my art instagram and a girl with black hair slid into my seat and said "is that an art instagram" and i stared at her and said "uh yeah why" and she just stared at my phone. so i said "do you need something?" and she said "yeah i need you" and i said "for what" and she said "i just need you" and i was really confused and i said "uh okay i guess" and she just kept staring at my phone. so i turned it off. and then she started staring at me. so i just shrugged and started looking out the window. and through the reflection of the window i saw that she had turned into nico yazawa. and then she kidnapped me.