many dreams

Date: 7/29/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

always dreaming about women who are not my wife. This time it was Leticia. Tish. and I was making my way around a bunch of gangster guys. But for some reason she wanted to be with me. She did not quite look the same as I recall. she was more wild. Not as subdued and nice. I recall driving around and trying to avoid them but not caring if they cross my path because I was ready to fight. A common theme in my dreams lately. Needing and wanting to fight. the other dream that I remember I was kind of imprisoned. I was walking around doing my thing, but I had a minder. Someone who is following me around and making sure that I did not get into any trouble. I remember wanting to go to the gym to workout and they were following me and making me carry equipment so that they could follow me and fill me and spy on me. I remember going into the gym and seeing all the equipment that I was going to use and there were a bunch of girls there who I was eager to show off for. I remember speaking to kid at the front counter and explaining to him about magic the Gathering. Telling him it was a game that was pretty fun to play. But I was there to work out. I don't think I ever did in my dreams work out but I was at the gym and it was my goal. I know that I was in Santa Fe, but it was not really Santa Fe. He was bigger and it was not the same environment it didn't feel like Santa Fe.