A different world

Date: 2/28/2019

By karlprichosa

I was sliding down a large water slide like structure which led to a pool of water. It was dark. I swam towards the bottom and it was like the surface was now beneath me. Once I surfaced, I was in a square shaped room with a bed and one wall was a huge window. On the outside it looked like the room was in a sunken submarine. Weird. I have no idea what I was doing there. It almost seemed like I was just relaxing. Then, I was on what looked like the surrounding area of a dilapidated warehouse. There were a few others with me but, I didn’t recognize them. I can’t put into words what happened there lol... it was like there were fractures in the dimension we were in. I would be fine then if I walked 2 feet forward, I would be falling through the ground or one of the other people would lose an arm. Trippy... it was freaking weird, ANYWAYS... a meteor was supposed to strike too... idk there was a lot of crap going on. A pararescue man passed through a fracture and suddenly fell through what looked like 2 floors of the warehouse structure and got badly hurt. He was just hanging on by his parachute. I saw Chris Evans (captain America) inside the warehouse, who had passed through a similar fracture but instead, his body was split into different pieces from his head down to his ribs. He was still alive, again, TRIPPY MAN. Then we’re was this woman, she kind of looked like a younger version the old school Rita from power rangers thanks to the horn-like head piece she had on. She had white hair, a long black dress like thing on and a cloaking ability like the Predator. She didn’t make direct contact with us, almost like she was just passing through a fracture of the dimension . I just knew she was BAD. Farther inside the warehouse, there was like a black hole in the floor and for some reason, I knew it led the water slide like tube thing that I found myself in earlier. Full circle? Weird...