Digital art, A tense moment ensues as the protagonist witnesses Blake fatally shooting several individuals, prompting a desperate scramble to hide the Xbox before anyone discovers its existence.

The one where Blake kills fat people

Date: 5/29/2019

By brodster

We are dogsitting for bob and barb and a bunch of people are at the house, Blake comes and I know he has a gun in his crotch. He then takes out the gun and shoots these two fat guys in the body and then shoots this guy who is supposed to be watching us. A cop walks in and exclaims that they just caught a serial killer who walked by and must have shot these three people!! Nicole and I are freaking out because we don’t want Blake to go to prison forever. My first thought it “we have to hide the Xbox!!” So we hide it in the attic. We are all driving back to the Zdzieba’s and Renee has to stop at the house we are watching and Nicole and I are scared she’s gonna find the Xbox. I then tell Nicole “the Xbox doesn’t matter, we have to bring it down because Blake is going to want it back”.