School Nightmare

Date: 7/18/2019

By anitron

Last night I had a dream that it was my first day of back to school and I was really nervous. The way my school works, the first day of school is on an A day, where you have your first four classes, and the second day is a B day, where you have your last four classes. For me I’m supposed to go to cosmetology school on the B days and just go to regular school on the A days. The next day comes where I’m in my regular school and I start freaking out because I suddenly remember I’m supposed to be at cosmetology school. In the dream it was really weird because my school looked like the middle school I went to, but I ignored it. I was trying to call anyone I knew to drive me to the other school but no one was picking up, and I was trying to talk to someone in the office. They wouldn’t listen so I eventually hid in the bathroom. My dream ended with me not finding a way back to the other school and being stuck there.