the first dreaminvader and mirrors

Date: 1/21/2017

By Tjika

The dream started out as a relatively normal dream. I was in a huge house in which I lived in In this dream, but not in real life. There was a party going on and in the city nearby and I really wanted to go, but I wasn't allowed. Then everyone started to dissapear, one by one. They just faded. I sort of panicked, flew down (I was upstairs) and tried to find people, but everytime I found some they'd dissapear. In the end everything was left as things were before people dissapeared, but I was all alone. The TV was on, but it would turn on and off like it does in a horror movie. I decided to go to my room and try to sleep. My room did look like it does in real life. In my room I looked into the mirror, because I remembered you're not supposed to do that in dreams. At first I just saw me exactly the way I am, but then I saw another me sitting behind me on my bed as if she was saying, yeah hey I'm here too, sorry I never told you about myself hehe. Naturally I freaked out. In the second part of the dream I was still in my room, but it was different somehow. I had actually felt like I'd just woken up, but the light would not turn on, so I knew it was a nightmare. I wanted to do something, but I could barely move. Then there was some woman in my room. I never really saw her, but I still knew what she looked like. She pulled me up so I was sitting on my bed looking at the mirror. I saw myself again, but behind me was a small figure in a ghost sheet. It looked weird, but everything was kind of scary anyway. I decided I didn't want this, I thought this woman was going to try to scare me more after this and decided to quit the dream, which doesn't always work easily, but this time it did. I dropped from my bed and woke up before I hit the ground.