Retold Tale and Cernunnos

Date: 8/13/2017

By Fitful

I was having a dream I knew was so familiar I must have read it before, or watched the movie. Once I woke up of course I realized it was just a reoccurring dream, one I hadn't had in a while, perhaps I years. Actually I realized that while in the dream too. Either way I went about the exact same story line perfectly, knowing it was right. I was in love with this guy a tall black man, or going to be in love with him, we were all part of a circle of friends. Anyway I was searching for a present to profess my love. I went in a search which lasted all day, having do dodge his phone calls, and ended up in a candy store. It was some old timey, have hundreds of different types of candies all unique and unusual, old fashion, rare. Ect. At first I just looked around. By then I found this weird little doll, darn and twisted type of black licorice which each had a different character and flavor. I loved them, they were adorable, macabre and creepy I decided to get one for myself. I then gave up just looking and began tastingz telling myself I'd pay for it all at the counter. I never did this usually but the candies were so good. I found Coca-Cola gummies without any Coca-Cola flavor in them yet, you had to add the flavor to it by pouring it on, and very small, miniature, chocolate oranges. These were set out to have samples you could try. They weren't very good though, didn't taste orange enough. And I got an entire bag, perhaps a 20lb plastic candy bag, of only popcorn butter flavored jelly bellies. My favorite. In the end I didn't find him a present, but he turned up after I got him, with the rest of our friends, the all climed out the taxi and he was across the street. I went to join them and put on his head an old fashion, but too small to fit, pirate hat. It was a candy container but he was happy, titled it over his eyes and we all went off to the circus. At the circus I met a female, or perhaps he became female, and we went up to the Farris wheel together. We ended up having sex, after our friends cleared out for the day and the park shut down. The female was my Aunt, a carbon copy of her, and it turns out, in the dream, I was in love with her. Then, later a guy turns up in the ferris wheel car (which is an enclosed car like on a train) we're making out in, terribly aroused by us. He's a friend, a good friend, and he wants to join us. There are connotations on his words, he doesn't just want to join us for the one time, but for always. He then tells us he's been listening the whole time, as has always our friends. We're mortified, apparently our friends are vampires and have very good hearing, we both just forgot. ~ Later the story gets more convoluted. There is a scene where I'm walking in a parking lot, following my Aunt who is walking towards family or friends. She' s defying them to be with me I think. I'm not sure why. ~ Also she turns into a giant, like ten thousand feet high woman, kohl's and she's black now suddnely, and chases down her brother who is a jerk and hiding. She makes some threats and stands up for us. I see this scene from his perspective as if floating behind his shoulder. ~ And I'm in a car, watching the inhabitants as they drive. The line of cars to their right has had some problems from when she began making magic on the city, the cars driving behind us begin disappearing, as if the road runs into nothingness. The grandmother in the back seat hits her full grown grandson on the back of his head and tells him to pull up his pants, he's a plummet and his asscrack is showing. She tells him. He's bring germs home to the toilet seat, having his ass kiss every seat in the city. ~ In an entirely separate dream, I'm laying on a table, like an altar there is a man, someone, above me to the right of the scene and to the left. The one on the left directs the scene, a woman, a crone. She tells the demanding man on the right, "You can't see the baby yet." Suddenly I am no longer a body but a black puddle of liquid on the white stone altar. I'm oval like a mirror, but definitely a black liquid oil. He demands to know why, and she says only the Sage Father can see the baby. The world warps, and a veil of reality is pulled away like the slow turning of an invisible book page. The vague image of an older white father is replaced by a man who looks like he belongs in the forest as a God of nature, he's got antlers like a stag. He's obviously Cernunnos, The Horned God. The Sage Father title is accurate. ~ Vampires are all a test. They are all thoughts. ~ Feeling my body is smugly satisfied being the way it is. As if it's utterly perfect.