can’t figure out formula in school?

Date: 8/19/2019

By cloudyxdreams

Had a dream i was in school in math class and i had this one teacher that made us call him by his 1st name it was his birthday and we had to figure out this one formula and no one could get it but then me and my group of two other people got it and we wrote it down but we couldn’t find it when we were supposed to turn it in so we all started freaking out. There was something big about figuring it out and i don’t know what. So we couldn’t turn in the proper answers and we got upset. I started crying because we were so close and while we were leaving the class we said happy birthday to him. Next was chemistry and i had it with an old friend that moved before high school even started but here she was outside of the class. They announced over the speakers that you can skip this period for some reason and she was like okay whatever why not and she went and found a table outside the room. I went inside the class though because i was pretty upset from last class and we were taking important notes. I continued taking them without telling my friend to come in because she made it clear she wanted to skip and then my teacher said something about how these notes are important and projected his voice so she can hear him outside the class. He said that they could skip if they want but these are important notes and she came in and sat to the right of me. We didn’t talk but just took the notes. Then i remembered the formula for math and found the notes in my notebook and went to google what it was for and then i woke up. I wonder what that formula was.