7 Aug am

Date: 8/6/2017

By Glen

At an office or work location. It begins to storm and it starts to leak. At first the leak is near the window. We are only on the second floor. I see Guy but he does not know me and then another Caucasian guy that looks like Francois holand he sits near the window and rain starts to leak on him. Suddenly there is a huge torrent of water closer to the centre of the room. Other people try and move away. This office is familiar to me as I have had a dream about it. The wind really starts to pick up and I am terrified when I suddenly realize that the building has been pulled off its foundations and slams the next building as it's caught in a massive hurricane and slams into the next building in an anti clockwise direction. I saw aloud to try and calm myself that we might survive because we are on the second floor as we ride out the storm.