Alien Armageddon

Date: 3/20/2017

By kidneypunch

The dream started with a person and I in this town or something. (Something about another part of the Earth or a star?) We were sitting in this house, watching this girl do something on another piece of land; kind of further away. I began to look at her with some binoculars. She was fighting off aliens; but sadly, she ended up dying. There was a long talking part in-between but I can't remember what was said. The energy she was using turned into a teddy bear. She hugged it and it exploded into a blast of energy that disintegrated everyone. After that, the guy and I began to panic. We realized we were doomed too if we stayed and didn't get out of there before the aliens came. *Momentarily woke up from alarm clock* We got into this house and I had some flashbacks. We were talking about ways to get to another part of the world. We began to pack our things into a mini-van and we grabbed our cats too. We used a map to drive and we were in a different town. Racine... I think. As we were driving, there was so much fog that it was blinding and all along we thought the world was in many pieces. We were all trapped in this little piece of land that was floating in space. we got to this creepy town and people were trying to kill us. That's when I woke.