Date: 5/21/2017

By ashleygeis

My dream was a movie. It had J2 in it except Jared was actually Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise (Jared) played Jensen's little brother, and he was a genius. He just didn't care about anything. He was a low life kid, but he cared a lot about Jensen and wanted to please him. There was a scene where they were at a church, and then a scene where they were speaking in front of a group of people. Jared panicked and ran out, and he ran away and no one knew where he went. Jensen wasn't in the rest of the movie. Jared was just really upset because he felt like he let his brother down. There was also a scene at a cemetery where Jared was talking to a little boy. The boy gave him a glove (idk) and Jared felt very happy. He started running back to his car smiling and laughing, and this was a big deal because the whole movie he was very depressed and/or pissed off at everyone and everything. Then a car almost hit him as he got in, so he had to drive from the backseat. Then there was a scene with ME, and I was driving through the town. I knew that it was after I watched the movie. I was in a school, and there were some really weird things about it. The bathrooms were luxurious, with white everything and blinds and actual doors. There were TV's, CD's, movies, music, and a radio. There was a woman in the "stall" next to me whom I could see and she was talking to me through the radio. I got out of the bathroom and then talked to an Amish girl at the sink. She was really nice. But the school was very sketchy. The coloring was off white, and there were too many doors that led to nowhere. I just felt very off. There was one door that I opened and then was in a huge dark area with a small stream of light poking though. Finally my dad was like no Ashley it's this way, and somehow I had missed the exit that was right in front of me. An angry cat chased us out. There was also a scene before got in the school where I parked the car and a woman came and shot a man. I ran into the school. THEN, I was home. And I wanted to finish watching the movie because I hadn't had a chance. My dad said he would but then he said he was too tired. I watched it by myself.