Date: 1/23/2019

By sylevoll

i was tiny, and kidnapped and put into this space that mimicked a city, and i couldn’t get out. most of it was me trying to escape the giant that had me under his control, whilst the other people around me acted like drones, robotic, almost. no matter how much i screamed for them to help they acted like they didnt see me. the only “person” who tried to help was my super sweet (real) spanish teacher, Ms.C. the giant ended up squashing her like a bug. towards the end of my dream the giant made me act in his play, a cirque de sole kind of performance, in which i was flying around and my body was hung on string, like i was a puppet. i screamed for help from the audience, but they too acted as though they couldnt hear my call for help, like it was all part of the performance. then i woke up.