Too long wait at restaurant & feeding the homeless cookies

Date: 1/31/2017

By mskatrina85

It starts with me, Kia, and Katie at a restaurant. It actually looks like someone's house, with tables around. Very crammed. So we eat, but after we'd gotten our meal, our waitress never came back. We were waiting and waiting, and it started getting ridiculous. I didn't even have a refill on my soda. When a random waitress finally came out we hailed her down and asked her to get our waitress. She was quickly trying to get back to the back and gave us a quick little "sure!!"... But I wasn't buying it so I told her to just get the manager instead. The manager finally came out and she was a middle aged chubby woman. She was walking out so slow like her knees hurt. She dropped her purse and I went to help her pick everything up, even though she kept saying it was okay. Then I offered to help her into a seat. After she finally settled in, I told her that we'd been waiting a full 30 minutes just for a waitress to come with our check. So the manager waved the entire meal for us. Next, we were at Kia's house and she was cooking some kind of dinner using multiple pots/pans, with Katie helping. I ended up asking her if it was for me as well and she got that look on her face when you irritate her. So I clarified that she mentioned before that sometimes they just wanna cook for themselves, so I didn't wanna assume that it was for me too. Suddenly a man was behind me and reaching over my head, getting some kind of granola bar from the tip of the fridge. I realized he was homeless, and that Kia would keep granola bars here and there so that homeless people could come get them. There was only 1 that day, and a small line had formed behind him. I felt so bad that I asked Kia if I could offer her cookies, so we broke open small packs of oreos and started handing them out, throwing them up for people to catch them, like a movie. Everyone was laughing and happy to get cookies.