Casino Heartbreak

Date: 3/25/2019

By lamegirl

I was at school and was excited to finish class because my girlfriend was coming to visit me on her time off from the army. she came and met me at school and she went to my next class with me and when it ended i ended up outside first and when she walked out the door she was now wearing a shirt with my school’s logo on it. after that we were suddenly in an elevator and going to visit someone i knew in high school and we walked into his apartment and she kissed me and he freaked out and we ran away and his friends started chasing us and then the scene changed completely. we now were in a group with some of my friends, except what were supposed to be my friends were strangers i didn’t recognize, and we walked through a suburban neighborhood and broke into an abandoned house. while in the abandoned house we changed into fancy clothes and started a trek to a casino. but then, we’re suddenly at my office and doing paperwork and i notice she is flirting with one of the men, and then it switched and we’re back at the casino. everyone else was playing blackjack. i decided to go to the bathroom to reapply my lipstick and one of my “friends” came with me and i reapplied and there was a mini golf course and i played a few times and my girlfriend comes in and plays too and then i ask her if she’s likes the man she was flirting with at the office and she says they’re moving in together with two other people in france because they were both stationed there except she’s in the army and he was in the navy. i ask her if she’s going to marry him and she says yes, that they get along and he is a good man. my heart drops and she gives me the saddest look, and then we’re back in an elevator and that’s when my alarm rings and i wake up.