Something going on in Italy.

Date: 8/20/2019

By janyrivas

Something going on that affects everyone. It seemed to be Europe, but it seemed specifically Italy. I was there. At some point some of us were given like a champagne glass with either champagne or sidra. It had the top curved a little. Different. Someone that looked like “The Rock” was there. I told him he was like superman (something like that). At some point some of us had to make a line and pay $25 for something. I looked in my wallet and it seemed that was all I had cash (I think I had $26). While i was about to pay I thought of the money I had left and it didn’t seem as if I had much. At some point I was with Julio and it was as if we were going some where (from Italy) that was like a long travel (can’t remember if by car or plane) but then we would go to airport and come straight back. I thought it would be a little tough to take a plane back after traveling for hours prior to that.