Date: 8/14/2017

By MysticOne

I was trying to get to a quinceañera to see my girlfriend but everything kept going wrong on my way there. She wasn't avoiding me in the dream but she did seem to be blowing me off and I seemed to be gathering a subtle feeling of resentment throughout the dream. The scariest element was that the resentment reminded me s lot of when I was a drunk. The dream felt that way; lots of isolation and feelings of being dismissed, alone, and ignored. Eventually my boss went with me to try to find the quinceañera and we were still dressed in our work clothes. After driving in the dark I finally got there only to have everyone ignore me, including my girlfriend and at that point I'd had enough. Fo some reason I also had the oddest craving for ice cream in the dream and my girlfriend was eating some. She also never made eye contact with me in the dream and the moon was a sliver that never moved overhead. Finally at the end of the dream my boss was telling me to blow her off and I think I was about too when I woke up.