Date: 6/27/2019

By deliriumace

we begin a minecraft world but it looks and feels real, as if we're living in it. there'e some school people and some randoms. at first we're making houses and stuff like that. then i find out that the adults running this thing are giving out supplies to those who ask and that one of them is streaming the entire thing. i yell at him for profiting off of us and for running a dictatorship. at some point, i get knocked out and wake up to a friend holding me. his name is blake and i love him. the man knows this. he has blake try to hypnotize me by following a vr path through the cities, blake's voice calming me and showing me the way. however, in this vr thing, the man shows blake dying if i continue my actions. while i resist the hypnotisation, i come out of it shivering and crying. im now obedient and meek, and other citizens of this world begin to turn against me.