Date: 2/4/2019

By TheItalianAlchemist

Im being chased/chasing someone through a Walmart and I had to capture this one dude from a horror movie because they had a temp that was used to kill people. They were going after someone because the loss of their daughter and it was all going to hell. I was trying to shoot him but it barely worked and he just kept gaining on me no matter what I did. I finally ran out of the store and scaled the building to the second floor while using my temp before seeing a propane truck drive up and park in front of the doors. the man I was chasing placed his hand on the back of it and I booked it back inside while pulling someone that was coming out back in. we had to go through three sets of doors before we were safe from the explosion. next thing I knew it was being pulled back like someone was absorbing it and one of my friends was disappearing into a different vortex and I said something along the lines of, "It's time for some of us to go, we've been here for too long." "the why are you fighting it?" someone else asks. I look down and see myself start to disappear before booking it across the building to get away from the portal but it's no use it keeps catching up to me. I'm nearly sucked in when I see a body of water and I jump in before disappearing completely. next thing I know I wake up and watch someone else rise out of the water enough to breathe and start climbing out very much like I'm watching a movie trailer. There's a deep square on the palms of his hands and he's determined to get out and go on whatever mission he was assigned.