Digital art, As the truck driver struggled to fix the malfunctioning mixer for their fruit smoothie, they couldn't shake the feeling of second thoughts about their decision to become a truck driver.

Truck driver and smoothies

Date: 6/4/2023

By Purple

In real life, I just got fired from a job where I was being trained to help truck drivers get their license to drive all over the US. In my dream, I was given the opportunity to actually be a truck driver. At first, I thought it was great. I’d be traveling to see different places, working alone, and being my own boss. While I was asking questions about the job, I walked over to the delivery garage of a building, where I met other truck drivers. One of the people I recognized, who was the electrician of a job I had 30 years ago! All the truck drivers were placed in front of various large mixers where we made our own fruit smoothies. The mixers were industrial sized. My smoothie was made with various berries, coconut milk and water. There was a lot of noise from them all working simultaneously. Mine kept stopping but I didn’t know why. I looked at the one next to me that didn’t have anyone working it. Inside their mixer was a forgotten rubber glove that was blue and dirty. Yuck. Clearly that was their problem. I couldn’t see what my problem was. I kept pulling the lid off, readjusting the base…but either way, the mixer would start then suddenly stop. While I was mixing, I started having second thoughts about becoming a truck driver: I didn’t want to drive outside of my state, I didn’t want long hours, I don’t like driving at night, there was no way I’d have the proper healthy foods I need while traveling, just to name a few. I kept trying to bring this up to the person who walked me over to the building garage, but my pleas were being ignored. And the longer I was ignored, the more panicked I was feeling. If I wasn’t ignored, my arguments still were not taken seriously. Dream ended at an impasse, without me walking away and without me being heard.

AI generated interpretation Your dream seems to reflect your conflicted feelings about your recent job loss and your future career prospects. The opportunity to become a truck driver represents a potential new direction or path for you, but as you delve more deeply into the dream, you begin to uncover your reservations and hesitations about this choice. The presence of the other truck drivers, and particularly the electrician from a job you had 30 years ago, suggests that you may be grappling with feelings of nostalgia or a desire to return to a familiar place or time in your life. However, the fact that you are now considering a career in a completely different field suggests that you are also ready for a change and a new challenge. The industrial mixers and smoothies may represent the idea of blending together different elements or aspects of your life, or of finding a way to create something new and satisfying. The fact that your mixer keeps stopping and you are unable to identify the cause suggests that you may feel frustrated or blocked in your attempts to move forward. This may be reflecting the difficulties you experienced in your previous job, or a sense that obstacles are preventing you from reaching your goals. Your reservations about becoming a truck driver seem to center around the practical challenges and limitations of the job, such as long hours, travel, and the difficulty of maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the road. These concerns may be warning you to think carefully about any new career choices you make, and to seek out opportunities that align more closely with your values and lifestyle needs. Overall, this dream seems to be urging you to take stock of your current situation and think creatively about new directions and possibilities for your career and life. By confronting your fears and doubts, you may be able to find a way forward that is more fulfilling and satisfying in the long run.