Eddie Killed Us

Date: 7/20/2017

By CaseyKitten

We were living at the old trailer. I did not want him there and was calling the police. Mom and I had a fight over me wanting to return a red tank top of coco's she had bought bc it was a size 7. I think her having him come was sort of retaliation toward me. Anyway, I was on the phone w 911 and they were wanting $5 for the service of taking my call. I went inside so he could hear that I was calling on him and he better leave. He pulled a gun out and shot mom in the shower. Then he got her out and sat in a chair, set her on top of him, and made me sit in her lap. He held the gun out and shot us all in the head. After we were dead, we weren't totally dead. We could still do things and communicate with each other, and we could talk to living people- but it was a pain to do. It was just me and mom trying to figure it all out- he was not a part of the I guess afterlife we were figuring out. I was so mad at her for letting him back into our lives, over something so petty. She knew she had really messed up bad.