Some time in 2016

Date: 8/15/2017

By nyandroid

I was lost in the outskirts of New York, in an unkept suburban sidewalk island by a highway, and the cars were turning through fast, and it was dark, and i thought "outside of the city, New York is like anywhere else! Chaotic." Then I felt I was unsafe and/or being chased and ran into an apartment complex and into some apartment looking for a phone to call my mom. The doors to the balcony were open and I walked out. Then instead I was in Seattle, looking out to puget sound, and the water was so black and dark and so was the sky, and the houses were built all up the mountains lining the water, and I looked down at a mirror reflection of the city in the water like an upside down world, and the blackness extended into the depths and into the sky as far as I could see, and in the distance, a glowing, whirling waterspout of rainbow nuclear death raged towards me and I could tell the world as I knew it was going to end. The green glowing rainbow death tornado in the darkness was so, so vivid. Then the owner of the apartment yelled at me for trespassing and I said I had to call my mom! and she understood but then I remembered I have a cell phone so why did I come here? And I was more worried about looking dumb than the end of the world, and then I woke up.