a mess

Date: 4/15/2017

By trashkingmax

Coach Holland (hs history teacher) was teaching history in my college's student center. While in that class, Lea, Anna, and I were doing a tarot reading with sailor moon cards(L), making a potion(A), and offering my wisdom as the most experienced witch. Anna's potion got everywhere, and we had to hide the witchy stuff before anyone noticed because this is a Christian College. We had to do a field trip for the class. We decided to hunt ghosts on the second floor once it started getting dark after class, so we stuck around in the building after class got out. I decided I didn't want to wear my sweater anymore bc it got splashed with the potion, so I took it off and then checked out a book. Robert (the college's chef) was the librarian (and the library was also located on the student center). Robert decided I was being revolutionary and that other people should join my protest. He announced that everybody should protest by "disrobing in front of the dean of students' office." Went out on the hockey field, everyone took their shirts off. Went to the science building. It was a dorm. Leo (from charmed) was hanging up a sign about how his ex had cheated on him. I tore it down because it had been a misunderstanding, and the poor girl didn't deserve that. Went to go poll the dorm on a chip flavor. Found Faye looking for their gf, Ani. They offered me a job at their gaming company, but only if I went to their grad school, which is in Utah. I live in Alabama. Finally found people to poll. It turned into a snapchat filter/game like PGo. Tried to catch a polar bear then give it a treat. It told me treats don't heal all wounds.