My crush and the "dream" cane true

Date: 5/19/2017

By jameslecong

So..... I don't really remember how I got there, but before I knew it I was in my crush's classroom. We were sitting next to each other, she was doing her work and I was just simply sitting there, next to her. She showed some tiredness, and suddenly bent herself towards me. The table and chairs were suddenly bendable, therefore we lied down backwards, with her in my arm.(Oh sh*t it was a dream that came a dream) After that, she lurk into my embrace, just so normally like we've been lover for years. We then had class normally, with her classmates and the homeroom teacher. She teased us a bit, and talked like we've been lovers forever. My crush was also so bold that she took her into my arms and other stuffs. I was extremely happy ofc, but something wasn't right. Her attitude was not like that. Also, I've never confessed to her. After that, we took a walk on the hallway and I recognized that we were in our secondary school, not or current school. Furthermore, there was some kind of skin being peeled ơn my hands. Strangely, I then asked her to go watch Ultron, and when she accepted it I thought it was a dream cane true, and took it as a reply for my unsaid confession. Then, I woke up.