The Door

Date: 2/13/2017

By bytedown2000

I am pretty sure that I had more than one dream, last night. However, I can only remember bits and pieces of the last one. This extremely murky dream starts with me in some type of boarding room or hotel, reminiscent of an old European-style townhouse. I thinking that I must be kinda important because I remember having an assistant. Although I can't really tell you what he looked like, I'm pretty sure he was always there. Anyway, I believe my assistant and I were in town for some Conference. But the Conference was just a cover for our real mission. And that was to find out what was behind the door, in this old Hotel that we were staying at. We made several attempts to open this really strange door, down the hall from our room but we could not get in. I eventually got the since our cover was compromised and someone was now following us. The mystery ends with my assistant and I being chased by a large unknown figure. We never found out what was behind the door.