DawDaw's House

Date: 7/22/2017

By thatcollegegirl

Saturday July 22 2017 In my dream prairie and I start out by getting gas (at Carmendales in Chetopa) in her car with mom on a motorcycle. Prairie and I were on our way to a party at her friends house. As we're driving past the tracks and coop the dream shifts and we are on one of those huge carts at Lowes only this one is really big. We begin to ride it down the street like a surf board and even pass several houses that are colorfully decorated that both of us comment are not like anything in Chetopa. They looked like houses from the Bahamas, they had surfs up signs and what not. The whole time we're riding this cart Prairie try's to stand up and keeps falling off. But each time she falls off it's like the cart doesn't stop but she manages to climb back on. After a few times falling off she finally gets stood up as do I. Then we're on the road and steering it around signs and cars when this man and women are screaming at us how stupid we are and how this is illegal and they will be calling the cops. We just scream back at them and pay no attention. At this point in the dream we turn the corner by the bridge to get to DawDaws old house. We pull into the driveway but notice her car is gone but there's this gold caprice that looks like a limo because it has three doors so a total of 6. It was just parked off into the yard a bit only on a piece of pavement that isn't there in real life. We decided to park our cart in the back by where the garage is (west side of the garage). As we're pulling the cart around there I notice a German Shepard, a lab and a cat all huddled together in a small rock garden (which wasn't there in real life) they didn't seem to notice us but as we got closer to where the grape vines were by the little yellow shed I could hear what sounded like kittens or maybe just one cat. All of this was very strange and made feel a bit uneasy. We didn't investigate the sounds just went back to the house. Before we came to the back door we stopped right out front of the garage and noticed several cars go by but one caught my eye. I don't remember the car exactly but the man inside was fuzzy like he was out of focus. He looked straight at me tho and I felt a little creeped out. We came up to the back door and I mentioned to Prairie that I couldn't remember where DawDaw used to hide the key but then the door just opened slightly. As we come inside I can see DawDaw sitting on her couch. The set up wasn't exactly the same as it should have been but it still felt like her house. She beckoned us in and asked how'd we'd been. We talked about what prairie was up to and what I've been doing in college. She mentioned things about getting old and we just sat there and talked for a bit. Then all of a sudden it was like she transformed into this little white fluffy dog. The kind like on the little Cesar's dog food commercials. It was very strange because she was still talking to us but more like in our heads. But I felt happy and the little dog made me grin. Its fur was so soft and almost blindingly white but it made me happy. For some reason she hopped up in my lap and sat down beside me and I got this weird feeling. Then she jumped down out of the chair. My feeling at this point was like awake but dreaming because all these memories of her dying and the funeral came flooding to me so I knew that this was just a dream. So I started to bawl uncontrollably still sitting In the chair and I felt this need to ask her so I said DawDaw do you love me and she came over to me (still in doggy form but not really because her hands cupped my face) she replied with of course I love you Delancy. She called me Delancy which is weird. I didn't say anything tho but prairie laughed and said something about not remembering my name. She laughed to and said it was old age. I'm still crying and just feeling miserable so then she moved over to the fireplace and was more of a ghostly shadowy women yet still in white fluffy dog form. It was like I could see her but I couldn't. I then asked her if she ever missed this place, her house? She just smiled at me, moved a bit in my direction and said “no heavens a real nice place to be” That was the whole dream. I woke up with a gasp of air and feeling a bit sad.