Dream: Power of Fluer

Date: 4/3/2017

By Ecnelis_Lataf

Daryn. That's what people called me. I was one of many with a parasitic creature, known as Fluer, inside them. These creatures make contracts with their hosts. The host lets them live in their body, safe from the dangers of the outside world. In return the Fluer give the host abilities that help them survive. I was different than most that had a Fluer in them. There was no contract. My Fluer was forced inside me in a lab. I gained the talent of adaptability. My powers, my appearance, I can change them. I can be woman or man. I can be asian or Hispanic. I was untraceable. Which made things better for me and the poor Fluer forced within me. “Daryn…?” I heard someone whisper to me. Someone was shaking me and it was dark...and cold. “She has a fever. You need to stop or she’ll get worse.” someone said. Male. Definitely a male voice. I blinked open my eyes. I wasn’t sure what I’d made my appearance out to be though. Hazel eyes. My Fluer seemed to be aware of what I was not. I could feel the knowledge rolling in. Hazel eyes. Olive tanned skin. Long black hair. Wavy hair. I was 5’7” now. Average build. Easy to blend in that way I suppose. “She’s waking up.” another male voice. I slowly sat up to see that I was naked, minus a blanket generously laid across my body. I had no recollection of what had happened. Seems even my Fluer had no knowledge of it. Or they were withholding information. A sudden jolt to my fingers, the Fluer’s equivalent of calling me rude, told me it knew nothing as well. “Where am I?” I asked quietly. My voice sounded weak. Hoarse even. “A safe house. That’s all we can say.” A female voice. I turned my head towards the voice to see two women in the room with me. As well as both the men who had spoken. I could feel my cheeks burn a little as I realized how many people were in the room with me...and I was naked this whole time. Covered by a blanket, sure. Still naked though. I wrapped the blanket around myself and looked to them. “So...umm...can you ladies by chance find me some clothes?” “You don’t really question much do you?” One woman asked. “I’ll probably question more after getting some clothes but for now...I just don’t need any women seeing me. You’re both quite my type.” I told them and gave a wink. The woman who’d been speaking just rolled her eyes. Her friend gave an awkward smile. Both of them left the room. The men, however, stayed where they were. “You two my bodyguards now?” I asked them. “You could say that.” One of the men told me. He stood at about six foot. Short messy black hair. The most beautiful blue gray eyes. Athletic build and a heart of gold. Despite that, he had the most mischievous grin right now. His name was Roven. He was an old friend of mine and one of the people who helped me escape the lab I had been in when my Fluer had been forced inside me. “Go easy on me, big guy. I haven’t had any fun with men for months.” I told him with a laugh. I stood up and kept the blanket wrapped around me. I could feel a hand under one arm to keep me steady. This was the other man. I had met him before but I don’t think I ever got his name. He had auburn hair, cut real short. His eyes were a light amber color. He was about an inch or two taller than me. Maybe. “Varger, be careful. She bites.” Roven told him with a smirk.     I gave him a scowl.     “You would know from experience I take it?” Varger asked as he let go, realizing I could stand on my own.     “Yes he does.” I stated as the women came back.     I was given clothes and the men were even ushered out of the room. Left alone I dropped the blanket and examined myself. I saw bruises on my arms, sides, and legs. I could only imagine what the rest of me looked like with that knowledge.     “Were we brought here by force?” I whispered as I felt an unease that was both mine and my Fluer’s.     I got dressed and opened the door to the room. I followed the voices down the hall and found myself in what looked like an operations room.     ‘They said this was a safe house right?’ I questioned inwardly so only my Fluer could hear me. I didn’t need these guys realizing how uncertain I was.     Hours had passed. I was told about an attack that had happened on a group of hosts. I was one of few that they’d managed to save. The others were all off training in some area out on the land of this safe house. That’s what I’d been told. I didn’t trust those women. I would have better luck sleeping with sharks than trusting them. That was just the gut feeling I had. Roven, however, I trusted with my life. Varger...I could sense he was as uncertain or uneasy as I was. Maybe he was in the same situation as I was?     Days had passed. There was an explosion. I don’t remember much of anything. I just remember feeling the tremors and then seeing cracks forming. Fire burst out across the place. Then I was floating. Roven had activated his ability. A forcefield of sorts. It was protecting him, myself, and Varger. We were floating in an orb of energy basically.     “Let’s get going Roven. Before they show up.” I could hear urgency in Varger’s voice.     “I don’t understand…” I whispered, trying to wrap my head around this.     “We’ll explain later.” Roven stated as sincerely as possible.     Scene changed and I was in a bunker below ground. I was lying on a cot. I was burning up. Fever. That’s all I kept thinking.     “It’s her Fluer.” Varger said quietly.     They thought I was unconscious. That I couldn’t hear them.     “Her Fluer was forced in her. It could be dying.” Varger explained.     “And it’s killing her in the process. Is that what you’re telling me?” Roven stated as calmly as possible. I could hear his panic though.     “I wouldn’t rule that possibility out.” Varger stated.     “Not dying.” I whispered as I opened my eyes.     They exchanged worried looks.     “He’s not dying. He’s trying to keep me alive.” I told them.     “What do you mean?” Roven asked before realization kicked in. “Your charts.”     Varger looked between us now.     I nodded and gave a small smile. “My heart was damaged before this beautiful creature was given to me. Forcefully, yes, but he extended my life. He’s trying to make it longer.”     “So you’re dying.” Varger stated.     “I’ve been dying this whole time.” I told them, “Just been fighting it till I can find someone better for my Fluer. So he can live.”     “You care more about a parasite than your own life?” Varger asked me.     “I’m more of a parasite than he is. My body is his home. His shelter. Yet he’s kept me alive for two years now. Just about.” I said as I slowly sat up. I was trembling. The fever was worse than the last few times.     A couple weeks passed. My fever had gone down. The three of us were forming our own little life in this bunker. It was...oddly comforting. I could feel myself not being as weak while in the bunker as well. As if it were safe from the outside world.     ‘We’ll both live through this.’ I told my Fluer inwardly as I rest a hand over my heart.     I could feel a faint warmth go through me as if telling me my Fluer thought the same. I awoke after that.