Painting My Sky

Date: 7/22/2017

By Amaya

You appeared at my doorstep as though it wasn't unusual. I welcomed you, embracing you as I usually do. It felt so normal, part of me didn't believe it was really happening, so to speak part of me did know it wasn't really happening. We spent the day together. I did my best hiding the constant fluttering of butterflies in my stomach. I never understand how you always seems so calm and collected while I can't seem to hide my feelings for you... Time flies and eventually I find us sitting on the carpet facing each other with paint brushes in hand. You're painting an animal on my face. I recall you making a remark about Snapchat filters so, you painted the dog filter on my face. I was satisfied with the results although you were never know for having artistic skills. Next you close your eyes and wait for me to begin on you. I panic. Embarrassed by my lack of creativity, I stutter, tripping over my words, "I- I don't know. What do you want?" Without opening your eyes, you smile brightly, "Surprise me." I remembered you telling me something about a friend painting a bumblebee but when I look at the makeup kit, the yellow was used up, reduced to faded powder in the corners of its container. I'm not sure where it came from but a new kit appeared in my hands. It was less of a face paint and more of a professional makeup palette, consisting of at least 60 fresh bright colors. I found myself dabbing blue on your temples randomly at first. My mind clearing slowly. The sky. I added several shades of blue with white patches for clouds. I'd consider myself a decent artist but my creation was far from anything I could realistically accomplished. You're face sparkled and you looked at me bright eyed. "You're beautiful" seemed to be the only thing I could muster as you marveled at my work, examining it carefully with a hand mirror.