Date: 5/11/2017

By torresa001

Logged in morning. 1. I went to a school and was suppose to meet up with a guy and cot koontz to eat dinner, I went in my room and it was big but it had two mattresses on the floor, the blankets where stained, no sheets or pillows and there was gravel all over the floor from pt. There was nothing in the room but dressers.i had to figure out how to buy linens cause our budget was horrible. I was walking around the base to go to the defac but changed my mind, I went to a table in the alley where the other guy was sitting and asked were cpt koontz was and he said he wasnt coming cause he had his baby and duh didn't I know and I was like have you seen me all day. So I decided to walk to th px to get the linens. I called char to tell her the bad news but I called koontz instead to ask if I was allowed to put pts on my gov card. I think I was allowed but maybe not and he was saying no unless I was on profile. He put me on hold and I was considering doing it anyways and I was looking for someplace to eats dinner it was gonna be the habit but I also saw a smoothie place from another dream. Then I was making burritos in a center lane pull up taco stand and some guy was asking me something in Spanish and I was trying to joke back and the worker girl said something like don't worry he gets it.