Chemical poisoning, murder, first lucidity, crocodiles

Date: 3/3/2017

By skno315

I had my first lucid dream last night! (Well, maybe second, but my first was that I was half asleep/half awake, so I don't really know what it was). First, I was in a department store type place with my dad, cousin, and boyfriend. All of a sudden everyone starts panicking and telling us to get to a certain room. I don't know what's going on, I just run where the employees are running to. I get to the room, my cousin is right behind me and my boyfriend barely makes it in before they shut the doors. I don't know where my dad is and I'm sad. We then find out that someone had released some sort of airborne chemical that was going to kill us eventually. I begin to text my mom who is at home to tell her how much I love her. Then, it jumps to me at a house which looks somewhat like my aunt's old house. But it's not my aunt's house, it's the house of someone from high school who disliked me. I'm not a violent person and would never wish death upon anyone, so this next part is bizarre to me. I walk in and just gut him with a sword, he is bleeding everywhere and looks confused and in pain. As I walk out, I think I should probably call the cops. I see a car just like mine (a beat up Toyota Corolla) but as a limousine. I find my car, and at this point, I'm not sure what triggers it, maybe the absurdity that I just murdered someone or the sight of my car, but I realize I am dreaming. I said aloud: "I'm in a dream!" I get into my car, and try to decide what to do. I think, "I could go to Ireland with my friend, I could fly around." Eventually I just drive around because I can't decide. It is incredibly dark outside, I can barely see. I still don't really have full control of my decisions, and don't really achieve that during the dream. I am still driving, I reach into my purse to grab a cigarette and smoke it. Eventually I find my mom. I tell her I am in a dream. I am still in my car. Next, the "road" I was driving on turned into a body of water. It was still dark as night. I love water, so that must have been my choice for the direction of the dream. I see a crocodile with my headlights, it swims away quickly. Then, I get afraid because the water also scares me a bit. I begin to make the car fly to get out of the water, and am suddenly floating, talking to my mom while smoking two cigarettes at once? I think this was perhaps a silly use of my lucidity, but like I said, I have never knew I was dreaming within a dream, so maybe next time I will have more control.