Date: 3/28/2019

By averycantrell

In my dream I was getting on a plane to Mexico with a bunch of friends of mine. I got on the plane and when I did it was one that, because it was such a cheap flight, I had to fly myself. It was a full size plane too. There were three buttons to get it to fly and a throttle. There was start, forward, and backwards. It looked like the inside of an old ford truck and the seats were like car seats. On my way back from Mexico I was in the airport and lost my passport in a fish tank. I got to the security check and didn’t have it. They made me fill out this form saying that I lost it and then I had to get out of line to try and find it. I finally found it in the fish tank and got back in line and on the plane right before it took off. It was the same kind of plane, but this time my brother was flying it. While we were trying to take off he was driving it on a highway with cars. He couldn’t get to a straight enough spot for take off and so he stopped the plane in the middle of the highway (and keep in mind this is a full size commercial plane) to look on his phone for directions to a straight part of road. While he was looking I woke up.