Itching Insects

Date: 4/25/2017

By Kazuko

(My dog is named Roxy. She's been acting sick lately so my family thought she may be dying.) I sat with my dog on the couch as my grandma flipped through the television stations. I believe she was supposably staying over at my home in the dream. My dog began to scratch at her neck, small black specs falling off. "Something's wrong with that dog." I looked up at my grandma as she turned to me, "Yeah, but what? Do you think she's gotten fleas?" she shook her head. "We've already given her the repellent that Amy (Family friend) gave us. She probably has a skin infection or something." Roxy continued scratching before turning around and biting at the fur around her hips. I put a hand on her head, petting her softly in attempt to calm the boxer. More black specs fell from her fur, falling onto the tan fabric of the couch. "Cassie's (My mom) gonna make you vacuum now." My gram said, chuckling a bit. I nodded, looking back at her. My mother has a obsession with cleaning, meaning that almost every day she vacuums the living room and washes everything. I scratched the inner side of my arm close to my wrist as it began to itch. I looked down at it, seeing several small black and white specks. They looked like dirt so I brushed off the thought. Standing, I made my way to my room. I changed out of my clothes before going back to the couch and laying down. I hate sleeping in beds for some reason so I usually sleep on the couch until my mom yells for me leaving things such as my books around it. I lay back against the pillows with a yawn. I scratch my head a bit before going to sleep. -- I woke up for a second in the real world before turning over and drifting off again -- I sit up from the couch, looking over to see that Roxy had snuggled up to me. I smiled, petting her as I grabbed my glasses from the table in front of the couch. After putting them on, I looked down at the dog. She sat up and scooted away a little, looking up at me as if she did something wrong. "What is it?" I asked, raising a brow at the dog. She turned away from me and laid down, her rear end in front of me. I rolled my eyes with a sigh, "You're so nice.." I looked to her misshapen ears, petting her fur back and spotting an odd insect. It looked like a cross between an inch worm and the parasites on the anime Parasyte before they enter their host. I frowned, flicking it off of her skin, "Perhaps that was the cause for your itching.." My brown orbs looked down at her hips. It looked like she was having hair loss, appearing similar to if someone had burned her. I furrowed my brows before putting a hand on her fur, petting it backwards to see what it looked like under. Large amounts of tiny black and off-white orbs sit glued to her flesh. A little bit away, extremely small, thin ant-like insects crawled through her fur. I jumped back, moving my hand in a waving motion aggressively as I got shivers. I stood from the couch, "Roxy.." I mumbled, staring down at my dog. She looked up at me with an almost sad look. I itched my left arm again before pausing. The black dots from earlier were still there and were beginning to move slightly. "Oh God!" I squeaked before running to the bathroom. Flipping the faucet, I dunked my arm under the stream, hitting my knuckles on the sink in return. With my right hand I quickly began rubbing and scratching my flesh, hoping that it would come off. Pulling it away, I sighed, seeing that it was clean. That is, until something fell down onto it again. A small, skinny ant-like insect. I slowly put my head up as my heart beat sped up a bit. When my eyes met the reflection of my own, I nearly screamed. The shaved part of my head, which I was trying to grow out, was extremely short. Tilting my head a bit, I noticed that the black specks were held to each individual brunette hair. And within those hairs, small black insects crawled along my scalp. "No.." "No, no, no, no, no!" I felt my skin crawl as I watched them scurry through my hair. I could feel them as they moved. So many.. It was horrible. I stepped back before digging through the cup boards for a comb to brush through it. "Wait.." I murmured to myself, thinking. What if the action causes them to freak out and start biting me. Then again, would I really be able to wash them all out in the shower? I frowned as I stared at the artificial tile floors. "[My full name].." I looked up in confusion. "[My full name]!" -- I opened my eyes as I woke up, my mom standing next to the couch. --