YouTube videos, rain, and a boyfriend

Date: 4/16/2017

By exhailing-bittersweet

I was at a playground in my neighborhood and I was making more YouTube videos with my friends. I was filming with my friend Linda (who went missing a few years ago) and her sisters and my cousins. We were thinking of some ideas for a good skit so we were just messing around until, out of nowhere, it started pouring rain. My cousin and a friend grabbed the laptops, someone else grabbed the props, and I grabbed the cameras. We started running home through the rain, getting all of the equipment wet. Next, I was at school (a different school) where I had a boyfriend. I remember that he was carrying some of my things for me in his backpack. When I was leaving school I went over to him to get my Harry Potter book and my jacket. He had blue eyes and black hair and looked like this boy in my chem class. I rode the bus home and there was only me and this other person on the bus. We sat in the very front and we were talking, so it must have been my friend. I don't remember the rest.