Harborough Coke

Date: 5/7/2017

By tayistired

Notes: Jess, ave, katy and steve are close friends of mine jess is my girlfriend We were at MH with jesse, avery, katy and steve. we were laying about in a den in the basement of a shopping centre (which doesnt exist?) and it was homely n we had blankets n shit. We were smoking weed and then katy took out some coke and we started racking lines. Soon we were off our tits. We sat and cuddled for a bit n jesse n i fucked. Finally my dad came to pick me up and i was like "....gimme a couple seconds." Then i realised that steve was missing and me and my dad went searching for him. we found him in the SC with his dad (?) and for some reason we got in an argument over steve staying with us and i got up in his face and called him a bad father. Steve and my dad had to pull me back. my dad agreed to let me stay the night. it was night time and we were walking down the street back to katys and steves mum in her car saw me off road and tried to run me over but i outran her to a point she couldnt. we got back to katys house.