weird battle ships and just all round odd situation

Date: 3/5/2017

By slavica

I remember weird noises coming from the sky like booming machinery noises, then I remember seeing 3 black silhouettes in the sky of these weird battle ship type things but no detail - only black silhouettes as they were real high up in the sky. At this time I was in some sort of hotel and it was super noisy with screaming kids so I was like 'nope let's go somewhere else'. I remember being with some dude in this dream but we both had disguises on as we were running away from whatever or whoever was controlling these battleships (I have a feeling it was the government and not UFOs). This disguise was weird because it was kind of like a mask but it only changed your features slightly like some weird morphing type shit. Anyway we were trying to find some different hotel to stay at so we moved into the next one where there was some drunk girl sat in a tree in her bikini right outside our hotel window, so we knew we ended up in a party hotel for spring breakers or something so we immediately moved on. I don't remember much after that apart from swimming in a real big, real deep swimming pool with a hair cap on (I never ever wear those for swimming?🤔) but having a weird feeling that there was someone or something in the water. I wasn't entirely threatened though. Then I must have woke up because I don't remember much more.