Private detective

Date: 5/12/2017

By Spooped_gurl

I was in a small town investigating a cold case murder. I was in a parking lot talking to another detective that was involved with the case at an abandoned factory. We were smoking ( I'm a non-smoker) and looking at files in his car. Then this guy I worked with showed up and we questioned what he remembered what happened. Then we all talked a little about Magic the Gathering. It was just finishing raining and the sun was setting. I think we were trying not to draw too much attention and didn't want too many people know we were on that case. It involved a murder of some guy in a neighboring town of mine. The case was never investigated fully so we suspected someone in the force was involved. I was wearing a long coat and gloves like Sherlock in the BBC version. The detective was a guy about mid to late 40s with black slick backed hair. He was wearing a long coat and dark business suit and long scarf.