Latest wtf kind of dream. (Looong)

Date: 3/12/2017

By Chaco

Starts off with me at my house which happens to be a like a 3 leveled mansion then the door bell rings. I open and it random happens to be my 2 friends jc and Janice. What weirded me out the most was that they were holding/carrying sleeping equipment. They greeted me as I kept a what the fuck look on my face. I ask them "whats all this"? They both replied at the same time" we're sleeping over aren't we"? Me still being confused slowly nodded and accepted this random plan while keeping a you're serious type of face. fast forward to night time. I finished setting up the bed for the both of them while I sleep in my own bed in the other side. Janice hugged me as she said "thank you for letting us in". I replied with a "of course”, even if I don't remember such a plan to happen. Then I guess I was wearing braces at the time and while I was hugging Janice a good clump of hair got tied up in one if my back teeth brace. I pull as hard as I could, while pulling my dad shows up. Janice gets scared and jumps back. The strength of her jumping back pulled the hair string enough that the brace pulled out my top and bottom back teeth. I didn't scream but was in upset that my teeth felt out. Jc jumps up out of bed as if he just testing out the comfy levels with the mattress," can I borrow your bathroom "? I took him to the one that was on the same floor of the sleeping location." I saw one downstairs" jc suggested. I quickly responded "I rather not show you the bathroom on the lower level, we've been having strange visitors strolling around". He accepted my suggestion and used the bathroom I took him too. I stand over of the railing waiting for jc to finish up his business but as I look at the lower level I see it. An unwelcomed visitor. I laid on the floor while still looking through the railing what this thing was. At the moment jc comes out and is ready to head back. I forcefully gestured a drop to the ground motion. He accepted my request, I pull him closer to show him that someone else was in the lower level. I decided to investigate and show jc the path back to the bed. I started my travel to the lower level by using the side stairs. I saw this thing move to the next room and I try to proceed into the same room as slow as possible in order to not make any noise. I enter a see that it was the kitchen area. The kitchen area only had 1 door of entry and exiting. As I entered I see nothing but pitch black darkness. I walked around for a bit trying to feel my surroundings and see if everything is in order. As I turn in the last far corner back to where I started I turned and I see this thing blocking the doorway. This thing wasn't gonna let me leave. I open one of the drawers near to me and try to grab anythkng hoping it would be any type of sharp utensils. I charge at it with my shoulder up and my head tucked in pushing it out of the doorway. I ran back up the stairs and like any cheesy horror movie I went in the wrong direction and ended up at the end of a hall that had a grated window on the way. I turn and it is behind me, standing over me not attacking me. I stared in confusion but didn't freeze up, I lunge at UT trying to slash its neck with whatever I had. Luckily it cut its neck and I knew it was a knife by that. But out of the blue Janice pops out yelling at me "what are you doing!?" I softly let out a "what?". "that's jc". I lunge forward again and started to peel off the face and saw that there was nothing there. All paper mesh. I start ripping the body and I see a bit of jc hair. I fall back in awe while they just looked at me and I stared back. End of sequence 1 Start of 2nd sequence. Janice had acquired a pedal plane and wanted to take it for a ride. She pedaled but couldn't seem to get off the ground. She insisted that I push her while she was pedaling but I suggested that it would be best to try it some where else now that in front of us was a HQ for airplane at the local airport. Having them seeing us trying to fly this plane was worrisome. Maybe they thought it was terrorist type of thing. She continued to insist on me to push her to gain more speed. So she started off pedaling and the moment I needed to run I began to push. I attempt a final push and she started to glide away. End of 2nd sequence Start of 3rd sequence it started with me sitting on a double decker bus to see in New York City bus tours. I was seated on the front left of the top section. The bus started to move along. But soon after the first turn I hear screams of terror everyone in the bus jumped up to see what was happening. Crowds of people toppling over each other rushing to get through. Like if it was black Friday but it had a much more evil purpose behind all that pushing. I rush down to get off the bus but before I got off I looked over and saw what seems to be my sister trying to run away from the wave of people hoping jot to be trampled. I rush down and see this white car with a driver. I jump in and lock both doors. I scream at the person Drive! He hesitated "put they're people..". I replied "yea... But it looks like they've lost all their civilized behavior, so now either you press the gas and drive or I'll kick you out and I'll drive. He agreed. But he didn't want to feel guilty in driving into people so he pressed on the gas as I drive from the passenger side. The crowd just overflowing like if it was the ocean water trying to flood the city. We swerved left and right Nonstop until I caught sight of my sister. Smart enough she dropped down to an underground store to keep herself safe. Once I saw that I knew I should figure out a way to keep the door of that store locked and safe until everything boiled down. So I sped up ramming and running over the crowds of people, started to swerve left then at the right moment I did a hard right turn and drifted to thr right so when the card stopped it landed right in front of the store, blocking its view from the crowd and keeping her safe. I look across the seat to see the driver passed out. I look over an a see a TV set at near by electronic store. I see an image of trump shaking hands with someone. Must have been someone we hated or was enemies with. I wake up.