Coworker claps me for being a glutton, store gets almost robbed

Date: 8/1/2019

By heruined_my_memejournal

For some reason there was a bag of the regular nacho Doritos at my work that we sold to people, and some customers came in asking for just doritos so I gave them some of the spicy nacho ones. Background: in real life I actually brought spicy nacho doritos to work to make gamer ice cream once. So in my dream the spicy Doritos was the same bag as the one I had bought. Anyway one of the customers asked which would go better with chocolate for a spread of snacks she was preparing lmaooo and I said not the spicy ones. So I gave her the regular ones. My next customer asked for a quart of blueberry Italian ice and Doritos. I forgot to make the Italian ice somehow but that never comes up even though I remember it later on in the dream. I was also eating out of the bag of Doritos that I bought. Anyway I wake up the next day to a very unpleasant message from my coworker who is nice in real life. She called me a glutton and said I need to pay for the bag of Doritos since I ate them. She indicated that she didn’t like me and was sick of me doing nothing but eating everything at work. I was hurt but i responded saying that I bought those Doritos. Anyway later on I’m in the parking lot in front of work but its suddenly huge. There’s like 5 dudes standing in front loudly planning to rob the plaza. So I ran and ducked behind a car and dialed 911. Something about their plan made me almost dial again and say they might need backup, but the criminals were actually dumb af and got totally shut down after just breaking the windows. There was literally still people in the shop closing it. The door was unlocked. And they broke the window still. Ok. Anyway I got a text from my coworker who had clapped me earlier and she was suddenly being nice. But she was asking if I could help her with her thesis lmao. I’m in high school. But I said I could try, I guess. Anyway for some reason there was a beach there suddenly and everyone was swimming there recounting the story of the almost robbery. Then we were in someone’s house at their pool in the backyard and my friend was there and her father in law was talking about how his grandson (her irl son) was gonna have a great childhood riding motorcycles with his grandpa or something. It was weird. I didn’t get in the pool. I was wearing someone’s adidas sweatpants. Then I woke up.